Autonomous Robot Painting   wiki   shop

Picture frame equipped with the Elisa-3 robot performing artistic animations by exploiting its onboard sensors.

Wheelphone   wiki   shop

Mobile phone robotic platform compatible with both Android and iPhone. 4 proximity, 4 ground sensors, auto recharge.

e-puck, educational mobile robot   wiki   shop

Miniature educational robot developed at EPFL. 7 cm. Open software, open hardware. 8 proximity, VGA camera, 3D accelerometer, 3 microphones, Bluethooth. Extendable.

Elisa-3   wiki   shop

Miniature swarm robot. 5 cm. Auto recharge, fast radio, 8 proximity, 4 ground, 3D accelerometer, top RGB LED with diffuser. Cheap.

Webots   shop

Physic based simulator. Well integrated with e-puck and gumstix extension. e-puck can be simulated, remote controlled or cross compiled.